Johne’s Disease

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About TJWG

The Texas Johne’s Working Group was formed in the fall of 1999. Its 15 members are volunteers who represent the various aspects of the cattle industry in Texas. The group was organized as a producer-driven response to a rising interest in Johne's disease and its possible effects on production and marketing. Efforts have been concentrated on building a voluntary program that best meets the needs of the livestock industry.

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Texas Voluntary Johne’s Disease Program for Cattle

Our program was developed by the TJWG based on the model currently being used in many states, and meets the standards established by USDA-APHIS. It is designed to accommodate varying levels of participation, and has provisions for both affected and non-affected herds. Administered by the TAHC, the program relies on well informed producers and Johne's Certified Veterinarians working together to develop a Johne's Management Plan specifically for the beef or dairy operation. The plan addresses critical points identified by a risk assessment, and establishes practices that prevent the introduction of Johne’s disease into the herd and reduce transmission of the disease within the herd. Guidelines for doing risk assessments and developing herd plans are available at the links below.

View more information about the Voluntary Johne's Disease Program, including program administration, elements, and procedures.

For questions about the program, contact:

Andy Schwartz , D.V.M.
Designated Johne's Coordinator

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Johne's Disease Veterinary Certificate

TAHC has partnered with the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Veterinary Medicine to provide online Johne's disease certification. Johne’s Certified Veterinarians must complete the initial online course, and then obtain 3 hours of online continuing education every 3 years. Please refer to the UW-Madison site for current course and recertification pricing.

For more information about the Johne's Disease Veterinary Certificate or other online Johne’s courses, visit the UW-Madison site or contact the Designated Johne's Coordinator.

To find the nearest Johne’s Certified Veterinarian, view the list or call the TAHC at 512-719-0700.

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