Equine Piroplasmosis (Piro)

Equine Piroplasmosis Lab Test Records for Accredited Vets

Attention Veterinarians: Piroplasmosis Test Chart Must Accompany Blood Specimen

Use of this test record is required by Texas Administrative Code Rule 49.5, Piroplasmosis: Testing, Identification of Infected Equine. Two versions of the test record are available, one for manual completion and one enabling importation of digital photos.

Equine piroplasmosis is a blood-borne parasitic disease of horses and other equidae. This disease is reportable to the TAHC and all positive equine in the state are under quarantine. Research into treatment options is ongoing at a national level.

A number of states, national and in-state events, and racetracks have imposed specific entry requirements related to piroplasmosis. Owners and veterinarians are urged to directly contact the state of destination or event organizer before moving horses.

Testing: The Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (TVMDL) is approved by USDA's Veterinary Services to test for Equine Piroplasmosis (Piro) for interstate and intrastate movement. Read more.

Entry requirements from other states

For Piroplasmosis testing requirements of other states, contact the animal health official in the state of destination.

Entry requirements for race tracks

As of June 23, 2011 all horses entering Texas racetracks must have a negative piroplasmosis (T. equi) test in the past 12 months. For more information visit the Texas Racing Commission website.

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TAHC News Releases
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March 15, 2013 TAHC to Test Equine Animals in Kleberg County for Piroplasmosis
May 2012 Smuggled Horses in West Texas Found to be Diseased
February 2010 UPDATE on Equine Piroplasmosis Disease Investigation