TAHC Office & Lab Contact Information

Central Office — Austin
2105 Kramer Lane
Austin, Texas 78758
Central Office Map & Directions
P. O. Box 12966
Austin, Texas 78711-2966
Telephone Numbers Fax Numbers
Premises/ Animal ID:
Program Records:
Staff Services:
Financial Services:
Human Resources:
Premises/Animal ID:
or 719-0769
Central Office Contacts
Title Name
Executive Director Andy Schwartz, D.V.M.
Assistant Executive Director, Animal Health Programs T. R. Lansford III, D.V.M.
Director of Administration Larissa Schmidt
Texas State Federal Laboratory Director Roger Parker, D.V.M.
Staff Veterinarian/ Authorized Personnel Program Manager Susan Culp, D.V.M.
General Counsel Gene Snelson
Executive Assistant Amanda Bernhard
Governmental Industry Relations
Assistant General Counsel
Mary Thiel Luedeker
Manager of Traceability and Program Records Russell Iselt
Director, Emergency Management Jeff Turner
Director, Financial and Procurement Services Steven Luna
Public Information Office Public Information Officers

Direct general inquiries to comments@tahc.texas.gov.

For vaccine/biologics distribution inquiries: biologics@tahc.texas.gov

Direct technical issues to web-tahc@tahc.texas.gov.

TAHC Region Offices

To speak with someone in your local regional TAHC office, please choose your county from the following list.

TAHC Region MapView a map showing TAHC regions and regional office contact information.

Region 1 Office — Amarillo

3822 Business Park Drive
Amarillo, TX 79110

Phone: 806-354-9335
Fax: 806-354-2809

Region 1 Office Map & Directions

Region 1 Office Contacts

Region Director, David Finch, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Becky Wieck

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Region 2 Office — Hempstead

1739 13th Street
Suite 28
Hempstead, TX 77445

Phone: 979-921-9481
Fax: 979-921-9992

Region 2 Office Map & Directions

Region 2 Office Contacts

Region Director, Mark Michalke, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Dwayne Easley

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Region 3 Office — Fort Worth

8751 Camp Bowie West Suite 104
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Phone: 817-244-2597
Fax: 817-560-1721

Region 3 Office Map & Directions

Region 3 Office Contacts

Region Director, Max Dow, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Bobby Crozier

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Region 4 Office — Mount Pleasant

313 W. Alabama Street, Suite 1
Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455

Phone: 903-572-1966
Fax: 903-572-1114

Region 4 Office Map & Directions

Region 4 Office Contacts

Region Director, Hank Hayes, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Bill Curry

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Region 5 Office — Beeville

1824 South Washington Street
Beeville, TX 78102

Phone: 361-358-3234
Fax: 361-358-0101

Region 5 Office Map & Directions

Region 5 Office Contacts

Region Director, Brodie Miller, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Dexter Sumpter

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Region 6 Office — Lampasas

1305 S. Key Ave, Suite 204
Lampasas, Texas 76550

Phone: 512-556-6277
Fax: 512-556-6415

Region 6 Office Map & Directions

Region 6 Office Contacts

Region Director, Pete Fincher, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Ann Wagner

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Region 7 Office — Rockdale

130 East Bell Street
Rockdale, Texas 76567

Phone: 512-446-2507
Fax: 512-446-5373

Region 7 Office Map & Directions

Region 7 Office Contacts

Region Director, Tommy Barton, D.V.M.
Supervising Inspector, Ryan Brockenbush

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Region 8 Office — Laredo

500 E Mann Rd., Suite B7
Laredo, TX 78041

Phone: 956-568-5741
Fax: 956-568-5237

Region 8 Office Map & Directions

Region 8 Office Contacts

Supervising Inspector, Bart Stockbridge

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State-Federal Laboratory, Austin

8200 Cameron Road Suite A186
Austin, TX 78754

Phone: 512-832-6580
Fax: 512-832-6803

Austin Lab Map & Directions

Austin Laboratory Contacts

Laboratory Supervisor, Rey Molina

***Note*** The State-Federal Lab in Ft. Worth was permanently closed, effective August 1, 2013. Please contact the Austin Lab, and make sure to double check your mailing labels before shipping — samples sent to Ft Worth may not be forwarded to the Austin Lab.

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Cameron County Fever Tick Response Office — Los Fresnos

105 West Ocean Boulevard
Los Fresnos, TX 78566

Phone: 956-443-6609
Fax: 956-233-1732

Cameron County Fever Tick Office Map & Directions

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