Agency Overview

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) was founded in 1893 with a mission to address the Texas fever tick problem. Today, the TAHC works to protect the health of all Texas livestock, including:

  • cattle
  • swine
  • poultry
  • sheep
  • goats
  • equine family animals
  • exotic livestock

The TAHC also works to keep pests from reoccurring as major livestock health hazards. Ultimately, the TAHC's mission and role is the assurance of marketability and mobility of Texas livestock. The TAHC works to sustain and continue to make a vital contribution to a wholesome and abundant supply of meat, eggs, and dairy products at affordable costs.

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has legislative authority to make and enforce regulations to prevent, control, and eradicate specific infectious animal diseases which endanger livestock. TAHC regulations are made and adopted by 13 governor-appointed commissioners who represent the general public and various livestock industries and professions. The commissioners serve staggered six-year terms and meet as needed to study the regulatory needs of the agency, review public comments on proposed regulation changes, and adopt new rules when necessary.

Agency headquarters are in Austin. Eight region offices are strategically located across the state so the staff can work more effectively with ranchers, livestock markets and slaughter plant personnel, and other livestock industry representatives. The TAHC laboratory provides serological and microbiological diagnostic services for cattle brucellosis, swine brucellosis, and pseudorabies. The Austin laboratory provides identification of pest specimens such as screwworm fly larvae, scabies mites, and ticks collected from livestock.

Agency Vision

Through the cooperative efforts of the Texas Animal Health Commission, animal producers, and allied industry groups, the animal population of Texas is healthy and secure.

Agency Mission

The mission of the Texas Animal Health Commission is:

  • to protect the animal industry from, and/or mitigate the effects of domestic, foreign and emerging diseases;
  • to increase the marketability of Texas livestock commodities at the state, national and international level;
  • to promote and ensure animal health and productivity;
  • to protect human health from animal diseases and conditions that are transmissible to people; and,
  • to prepare for and respond to emergency situations involving animals

by conducting agency business in a responsive, cooperative and transparent manner.

TAHC — Who We Are And What We Do Brochure
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Agency Philosophy

The Texas Animal Health Commission will carry out its mission with honesty, openness and efficiency. We will use the best available resources, technology and trained personnel to achieve the agency goals. We will listen to and respect the opinions and concerns of the people of Texas. We will encourage and promote open communication between all parties. We will strive to continuously develop new, or enhance existing relationships, among government, industry, and private citizens to realize our vision of a healthy and secure animal population in Texas.

History of the TAHC Brochure

Agency Strategic Plans

Finance, Budget, & Appropriations Information

Internal Audit Reports

Audit Subcommittee Meeting Date Agenda Audit Reports
August 22, 2017 pdf agenda of the 08/22/2017 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting.
December 13, 2016 pdf agenda of the 12/13/2016 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Audit Report
Fiscal Years 2017-2018 Audit Plan
August 23, 2016 pdf agenda of the 8/23/2016 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Internal Audit Report of the Region 1 Office (Amarillo TX)
Internal Audit Report - Follow-up-Region 5 Office
Interal Audit Report - Follow up - Post Payment Audit
May 24, 2016 pdf agenda of the 5/24/2016 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Audit of Federal Funds Management
February 16, 2016 pdf agenda of the 2/16/2016 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Information Systems : Business Continuity
Region 4 Office - Mt Pleasant
State Federal Laboratory
FY 2015 Annual Audit Report
October 6, 2015 pdf agenda of the 10/6/2015 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. None
June 9, 2015 pdf agenda of the 6/9/2015 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Region 7 Office - Rockdale
Program Records
January 27, 2015 pdf agenda of the 1/27/2015 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. FY 2014 Annual Audit Report
September 16, 2014 pdf agenda of the 9/16/2014 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Emergency Management
May 13, 2014 pdf agenda of the 5/13/2014 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. Budget Process
January 14, 2014 pdf agenda of the 1/14/2014 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. FY 2014 Audit Plan
Region 5 Office - Beeville
September 10, 2013 pdf agenda of the 2013-09-10 TAHC Audit Subcommittee meeting. FY 2013 Annual Audit Report