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    Since the first detection of fever ticks on a Live Oak County premises in late November 2016, the TAHC has confirmed seven additional infested premises in the county.

    A Control Purpose Quarantine Area (CPQA) was established in a portion of Live Oak County on November 30, 2016 and the TAHC continues to conduct epidemiological investigations related to the detection of fever ticks in the area, as well as ticks that may have been moved on cattle, horses, and exotic hoofstock shipped from infested premises.

    In addition to the Live Oak County CPQA, there are six other CPQAs located in portions of Jim Wells, Kleberg, Starr, Webb, Willacy and Zapata counties and one Temporary Preventative Zone in Cameron County. There are approximately 541,462 acres under various types of fever tick quarantines outside of the Permanent Quarantine Zone.

    To learn more about the Live Oak County situation, please read the Live Oak County Fever Tick Update.For more about fever ticks, the statewide situation, and for educational resources, please visit our Fever Tick page.

Texas Fever Tick Maps: Fever Tick Infestation Map
  Statewide Infestations
(December 2016)
Cameron County Fever
Live Oak County Fever

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